What Is Voice Process Job In BPO?


Voice Process Job in Business Process Outsourcing has been in demand since 2000 in India. More than 45% of only banking and financial institution support desk employment is outsourced. Due to its importance, businesses see outsourcing as more efficient than hiring a full team.

Now Today, we will see “What is Voice Process Job in BPO” and what are its advantages…

What is Voice Process?

In a Voice Process Job, people work in the area of voice-based (executive-to-customer) communication. It is the process of taking and handling calls, responding to them, and resolving their issues These include BPO executives, call center agents, customer service representatives, customer-care executives, etc.

Here, an executive talks directly to customers/clients who have questions, complaints, or issues with the product or services that are provided to them. They answer questions, provide information, and rectify the issues that the customer is currently facing. They also take note of suggestions provided by customers and forward them to the Boss on a weekly or monthly basis.

Importance Of Voice Process Jobs

The Voice Process Jobs help in providing the first step in customer service for leads. If a customer wants additional information then they can request a call from an agent which must be passed by the executive itself.

Note: Executives should request the agent in the right department to satisfy the customers’ queries.

Types Of Voice Process Jobs

1. Inbound Voice Process

In this process, customers call the customer care executive to enquire about a product or service. When a customer calls the customer care executive because of an issue, they try to solve the issues that are faced or raise a complaint. He must also fulfill customer inquiries for customer satisfaction.

Sometimes they also transfer the call to the agent who is required to answer the questions of the customer. A customer can also contact customer support for billing issues, technical support, or raise a complaint.

If the executive satisfies the queries of the customer, it can help in selling the products with more trust in the customer’s mind.

2. Outbound Voice Process

In the Outbound voice process, the executive needs to make calls to the leads. The executive has to gain the attention of the customers and pitch for the product. This makes the outbound voice process job somewhat difficult for the executive to achieve.

The executive must meaningfully explain the benefits of the product or service that they are providing to grab the attention of the customer. Also, the call can be used to tell about the latest offers that the company is offering.

Nowadays, Outbound Voice Process is gaining popularity because it is very effective in driving more & more sales for the company.

Advantages Of Voice Process Jobs

  • Voice Process Jobs offer a high salary in India only from Rs.7500 to Rs.30000+.
  • The job is done online mostly.
  • BPO Companies offer On-Job Training for Voice Process Jobs.
  • The Best thing is that the customer care service work is easy and no hardcore skills are necessary for the position. Fluent English with good communication skills is mostly required.
  • No professional certification or degree is required for the position.
  • Lastly, the working hours are very flexible in a Voce Process Job from a part-time job to a full-time job
  • BPO jobs are in constant demand because: Approximately 54% of businesses employ at least one third-party support staff to communicate with consumers according to Fortunly, 2021 data

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