What Is Non-Voice Process Job In BPO Call Center?


Non-Voice Process In BPO Call Center is a subsection of Non-Voice Process In BPO where employees do not directly talk to customers through a phone call. Instead, they handle the customers through email or chat support and offer major backend support. In some cases, employees need to handle social media questions or comments as their primary work.

This process mainly requires typing and writing skills on the computer along with the knowledge of the local language of the area.

Primary skills Required for Non-Voice BPO Candidates To Get A Job –

  • Good English Communication Skills
  • Good Writing Speed Of 30-40 words per minute (can vary).
  • Formal Writing Skills.
  • Must be at least a 12th pass (higher education may be needed in some companies).
  • Note: Work Experience Is not Required


  • Coordinate with the customers and give backend support in a systematic way via email or chat support.
  • Maintain and Update data of the customers online.
  • Verify entered customers by reviewing, deleting, and correcting or re-entering data.
  • Correct account information in systems where combined data is present; purge files where duplicate data is found.
  • Maintain operation by following the policies and procedures that will be provided.
  • Maintain customer trust and confidence by securing confidential information.
  • Contribute to team effort and help in accomplishing results.
  • Note: More related procedures may be founded in the JD (job description) of the vacancy provided by the company.

Non-Voice Process Job Advantages –

  • Non-Voice Process Jobs offer a high salary in India only from Rs.8500 to Rs.30000+.
  • The job is done online mostly.
  • The working hours are very flexible in a Voce Process Job from a part-time job to a full-time job
  • Monthly performance bonuses and incentives are provided
  • On-Job Training is provided by most companies
  • BPO jobs are in constant demand because: Approximately 54% of businesses employ at least one third-party support staff to communicate with consumers according to Fortunly, 2021 data