How to earn by affiliate marketing today (6 ways)- 2022

Are you ready to earn the passive income you have always dreamt of? In this post, we are going to learn how to do this with affiliate marketing.

People make videos and tutorials about affiliate marketing, they say:

“You just need a website”

“Start Blogging & Build traffic”

“Get your affiliate link from a couple of websites”

“Post some random affiliate links in-between your post and earn money”

You even set up your mind to buy a website and start writing random posts.

But that’s not what professionals do.

Did you know that there are over 10+ ways of doing affiliate marketing?

Don’t worry, we already have it done for you! As this is a beginner-friendly blog topic, In this post, we will not cover all those 10+ ways to affiliate marketing but discuss 6 main ways of achieving success in affiliate beginners.

Let’s jump over to the basics right away!

So, What is affiliate marketing?

Here’s the deal:

Affiliate marketing is a way of earning commissions for a sale by promoting other’s products to your audience. You probably must have noticed the headlines and advertisements marked “affiliate link” or “Sponsored” on many websites like news websites or even social media.

If you are a beginner then let’s get to know, how to do it –

Firstly, Jot down some popular names and tools that offer premium plans or have a craze on the internet. Go through these programs and sign-up for the ones that appeal to you the most.

You can also choose it from here – 9 of the best affiliate programs- 2022.

Once approved, you can quickly start sharing it with your friends and families on social media or post it in your blog posts that are the most closely related to your affiliate product. Earn commission every time someone purchases something from your affiliate link.

Now, you must have got a slight idea of how affiliate marketing works.

Let’s get to know about this in detail-

Step 1: Review Products Related to your Niche


Let’s quickly go through the 3 ways that I have collected for you-

One way is

Suppose, you have a blog about “Pest Control”.

What will be your affiliate product for this post?

Firstly go to Google Shopping and search for “Pest Control Product”.

Scroll down and you may get product ideas like:

1) Organic Pest Controller

2)Pesticides for your garden, or

3)Organic Pesticides

And trust me, they are all very valuable keywords as you get to only see products that people are paying for all together.

Super helpful!

The SECOND Way is that you probably must be already using plenty of products and also know their pros and cons.

All you have to do is publicly talk about them with as many people as you can.

Using this type of strategy can help you in coming up with immense ideas and also, maybe better and more valuable products! And most importantly, the biggest advantage is that you will get to know products that people are already using although they might be a little outdated or old 😜 or maybe a whole new kind of company with the latest technology products.

Because most affiliate marketers tend to only have the latest launches in companies that are already established and if you luckily start using the blue ocean strategy, then you could be the king!

#Third Way-

First, Search for a keyword, product, or course on e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Udemy that describes your blog topic or post.

Then look for some products with lots of ratings.

(Because people are actually paying for it)

Now, From the above ways, Collect 7-8 products and write them down in your notes in one place.

After this we go to Step 2 that is-

Step 2: Create your audience


Create posts about your product or something related to it like “How to control pests at your home” or “How to organically control pests in your garden”.

You could also get great content ideas by searching about your topic and listing out the most common question that people ask in forums like Quora and Reddit.

Once you get a couple of posts related to your product and started getting a steady amount of traffic, build up the trust factor and make people sign-up for your newsletter and become your followers on social media.

Step 3: Pitch your audience

You might be wondering why I have put 6 images in the above gallery and some of you might also be calling me mad. It’s because:

Finally, Now we will go through the top 6 ways to earn money from affiliate marketing that I informed you about in the excerpt of the post-

Let’s get started easy-

1. Write Product Reviews

Did you know that about 89% of customers say that they read reviews before making purchases?

These types of blog posts are called review blog posts. Here, the main goal is to write better reviews than any other options available on the internet. The more optimized and comprehensive your content is, the better, even google says that!

That said, Google directly ranks mostly on the quality and usefulness of your content!

Now, add affiliate links to your content and make sure that they are visible on your post and that people purchase your product after clicking only through your referred link.

The biggest example is Shoutmeloud itself which is considered the #1 revenue-generating website in India.

2. Influencer Marketing

Becoming an influencer is a great way to do affiliate marketing. Influencers are considered people like- motivators, inspirers, fashionistas, and celebrities. However, many ordinary me and women who are bloggers or social media marketers have become just because of their ability to engage people through their content and interact with their audience.

Want to know the best part?

Brands pay huge sums of money to these influencers to promote their product, they also get a lifetime recurring commission of up to 50-70% in return for every purchase that is through their link.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media sites are a great way to earn from affiliate marketing from networks like Facebook and Instagram.

I recommend focusing on informational products like selling courses and ebooks as the best way to pitch your audience in this type of marketing.

Some platforms that sell courses and courses like Thinkific, Udemy, and Amazon Associates are great examples to explore.

4. Email Lists

Did you know that email marketing is considered the best marketing strategy by business owners?

Bloggers and Marketers build up their email lists by making people sign-up for their newsletters through services like Get-Response, Aweber, Mailchimp, and more.

These marketers when owning an existing email list that contains super-engaged subscribers can benefit from affiliate link promotion, no matter what niche they are into

By this list, you can be promoting both your own products and the affiliate products.

But remember that you should never fully concentrate on affiliate marketing, but also on your own content also as users might express this to be annoying and unsubscribe from your newsletter.

5. Video Creation

Do you want to reach 85% of people who find videos more consumable and engaging than any other forms of internet content, before anybody else?

Video content is easily understandable by most people. People prefer to see tutorials and product testing often on big platforms like Youtube. Just look at its tremendous growing users day-by-day with already global users of 2.40 billion (2022).

The best practice is to post tutorials or review videos, or even both, and leave an affiliate link below the video, in your bio, on your community pages, etc.

Pro tip: Build trust between you and your audience so you get 5x return. Get them engaged. Imagine someone becomes a subscriber and later refers it to his/her friends and family and then these again refer your link to their friends and family. Think about it! it is even possible that because of only 1 lead you can get over 100 leads!!

6. Micro-Blogging

Micro-sites and main blogs or websites are two different things. Brands and big companies use this type of marketing to target a specific audience alongside blogging and other marketing strategies like social media and video creation.

Microsites also come in the form of small product review websites like only focus on only shavers. Its format varies from single pages to promote a specific brand or product to a collection of pages.

Pro tip: Don’t start from hard selling and direct approach, be comprehensive and engaging. For example: Instead of writing “Buy product” you can write “Check Price on Amazon” or “Get discount rates on Walmart”.

What’s your next step?

I hope this guide helped you fully understand how does affiliate marketing work and how to earn with it on Day One

Now, I want to ask you-

What’s the #1 pro tip or way of earning that you would like to try first?

Are you going to buy a domain, and website hosting or start promoting your content on social media?

Or are you having some questions in your mind?

Either way, let me know in the comments section below right now.