Good Communication Skills – Critical for Success

To have great communication skills is an asset, a really great skill to possess. Whether it is a sales role, admin role or technical role, all employers look for someone with good communication skills when they are looking to hire.

Infact when a company is looking to promote someone to a lead or manager role, communication skills is as important as technical expertise. In fact you can also say a person very good in technical knowledge but poor in communication has lesser chance to get promoted as the team lead than a person average in technical knowledge but very good in communication.

Since we live in a multilingual country, good communication skills in English carry a special importance. You will be hired in MNCs which pay 3 times more than domestic companies if you can speak good english. No matter how good you are in sales or knowledge, fluency in English will be mandatory to work in the top ranking companies.

Developing good communication is something that you can acquire by listening, learning and practicing. If you really want to improve you will be able to see the difference in 3 months if you make conscious effort

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